Wheels and motors are like a dynamic duo of movement. Imagine having a magical team that helps things zoom, spin, and go places! Wheels are like the feet of machines, and motors are their powerhouse engines. They work together to make things move.

Create a DIY project using Wheel & Motors or use wheels and motors to create a moving robot. It’s a fun way to learn about motion, simple circuits, and how mechanical components work together.

Firstly, let’s talk about wheels. They come in all shapes and sizes – big and small, skinny and wide. Just like shoes for your gadgets! Wheels make it easy for things to glide smoothly on the ground. They’re like the friends that help devices roll around and explore.

Moreover, motors are the muscles of machines. They’re what give gadgets the strength to move. Motors can be super strong or delicate, depending on what they’re used for. Imagine a robot’s arm lifting things or a toy car racing down the track – that’s the motor’s magic.

Furthermore, these buddies are everywhere! You can find them in toys, robots, remote-controlled cars, and even household appliances. They’re the reason your favorite toy car zooms or why your robot friend can explore different places.

With this duo of Wheel & Motors, you can create a remote-controlled RC car. 

In conclusion, wheels and motors are like the ultimate playmates for machines. They bring movement and life to everything they touch. So, whether you’re building a robot or racing a car, remember the magic of wheels and motors making it all happen!

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65mm BO Wheels, Robot Wheel For BO Motors

  • A tire with sponge liner for more strength
  • With upgraded tire tread for greater friction
  • New design wheel for better combination with the motor
  • Diameter: 65 mm
  • The material of Wheel: High-strength plastic
  • The material of Tyre: Rubber
  • Color: Yellow
Package Includes: 1 x 65mm Robot Wheel for BO Motors

DC BO Motor 12V Dual Shaft – Straight

  • Low density: lightweight, low inertia.
  • Capability to absorb shock and vibration as a result of elastic compliance.
  • Ability to operate with minimum or no lubrication, due to inherent lubricity.
  • The relatively low coefficient of friction.
  • Operating Voltage (VDC): 3~12
  • Shaft Length (mm): 8.5
  • Shaft Diameter (mm): 5.5 (Double D-type)
  • No Load Current: 40-180mA.
  • Rated Speed(After Reduction): 100 RPM
  • Rated Torque: 0.35 Kg cm
Package Includes: 1 x BO MOTOR FOR BO WHEEL

Dual Shaft BO Motor With BO Wheel (Yellow)

  • Kit Contains:Double shaft bo motor with wheel
  • Operating Voltage 3V - 12V DC
  • RPM Approximately 150 RPM
  • No load current 40 - 80 mA
  • Output Torque 3.5 kgf.cm
  • High quality plastic wheel and BO-series motor
  • Plastic Wheels with a slot that matches BO Motor Shaft are made to work with BO motors both Series I and II.
  • 66mm diameter, 20mm width
Package Includes:
  • 1 x BO Motor
  • 1 x BO Wheel

TowerPro SG90 Micro Servo Motor – 180 degree Rotation

  • Model: SG90
  • Weight: 9 gm
  • Operating voltage: 3.0V~ 7.2V
  • Servo Plug: JR
  • Stall torque @4.8V : 1.2kg-cm
  • Stall torque @6.6V: 1.6kg-
Package Includes: 
  • 1 x TowerPro SG90 Servo Motor with Cable
  • 1 x Set of Horns
  • 1 x Set of Screws

TowerPro SG90 Servo Motor with Ultrasonic Sensor

  • Ultrasonic Operating Voltage(VDC): 3.2 – 5.2
  • SG90 Operating Voltage: 3.0 – 7.2V
  • Ultrasonic weight (gm): 10
  • SG90 weight (gm): 9
  • Ultrasonic Measurement Range: 3cm to 350Cm
  • SG90 Rotational Degree: 180
Package Includes:
  • 1 x Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04
  • 1 x TowerPro SG90 Servo Motor with Cable
  • 1 x Set of Horns
  • 1 x Set of Screws