58mm Thermal Receipt Printer

One Year warranty

Get the printer for
just ₹1999


Quality printing and low cost, Low noise. 1 Year Warranty.


Fast printing up to 120mm / sec for both text and graphics.

supports banking kiosk
Supported Interface: Built-in USB
58mm thermal printer driver windows 10
58mm thermal printer paper


Compatible ESC/POS print commands, support bitmap and download graphics printing.

Easy to use

Easy paper-roll installation, Easy maintenance, low operation cost.


No ribbon, no ink cartridge. The printer Head has a Life cycle of up to 100 Km.

paper size

2 Inch Thermal Paper Roll Size (55/57/ 58 mm X 12 Mtrs or
2 inch x 39 ft)


Excellent water-resistant, oil-proof, dustproof structure design.

Mini Printer

Mini Pos Printer, small size, saving space, easy to use on your desk.

58mm Thermal Receipt Printer

Print your bills perfectly with the additional advantage of low noise and high-velocity printing with this simple-to-use thermal printer 58mm from the place of Vayuyaan. This 58mm Thermal Printer joins remarkable execution and energy proficiency alongside proficient grade printing.

Only ₹1999


If you’re looking for a way to quickly create product labels, receipts, medical readouts, and vouchers, the thermal printer is a great choice to meet your needs.