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Xh-W3001 The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

If you have recently purchased an Xh w3001 Temperature Controller, then you’re probably wondering: What is it? And what is the difference between it and the W3002? Well, this article will answer all of these questions and more! Read on to learn more about the xh-w3001 and its various uses. You can also read up on the xh-w3001 manual.

What is Xh-W3001 Temperature Controller?

Xh-w3001 temperature controller is a digital microcomputer that is used to control the temperatures in refrigerators, ovens, and other similar appliances. It is equipped with a delicate digital display that allows you to set the temperature range from -50 to 110 degrees. The device is easy to install and wire. It has a flashing display that shows the temperature reading. It is also waterproof and can measure the temperature in 0.1 degrees.

W3001 Temperature Controller Setting

W3001 Temperature Controller Settings allows you to set the start and end temperatures for different temperatures. It also has a temperature range from -50 to 110. Its user-friendly wiring and installation make it easy to use. This controller can be used for industrial equipment such as chillers, steamers, and freezers. The controller comes with a clear LED display, which helps you see the temperature better. You can set the temperature range for different applications with this controller, such as domestic freezers, water tanks, refrigerators, and more. Here is the temperature controller xh-w3001 wiring diagram.

The W3001 Temperature Controller Settings has two buttons, one for starting the device, and one for stopping it. Once you’ve set the temperature, press and hold one of the two buttons until the screen starts to blink. Then press and hold the right-hand relay temperature. The screen will stabilize and show the temperature that was read by the thermocouple sensor. Once the temperature is set, press and hold either button until it stabilizes.

w3001 Temperature Controller Manual

The W3001 Temperature Controller is a low-cost PID temperature controller for water cooling pumps and gaming computers. This unit comes with a one-meter waterproof stainless steel probe, a self-contained enclosure, and a digital display. To operate the unit, simply press the UP button on the control panel to activate the temperature display. If you want to see your temperature in real-time, you can use the built-in flashing display. This is the xh-w3001 manual for operating it. Also here is the xh-w3001 schematic diagram for learning.

This device allows you to control both heating and cooling devices. It also has start and stop temperature buttons that allow you to change temperatures. Press the UP button for a few seconds for controlling the start temperature of xh-w3001. Press the DOWN button to stop the temperature. Once the screen blinks and stabilizes it means the temperature is all set. The right-hand relay temperature can be adjusted by pressing the UP button several times. You can also check the xh-w3001 manual pdf or download it.

How Do I Program an XH w3001

You can use the XH-W3001 to control your home’s temperature. Simply press the UP or Down button to change the start or stop temperature. Pressing the DOWN button will show the desired temperature. By pressing the UP or Down button, you can program the desired temperature. The XH-W3001 has a range of -50 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This is very environmentally friendly because it is ABS flame-retardant plastic material.

4 thoughts on “Xh-W3001 The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

  1. Chigo mbeta says:

    I set mine in an incubator, 37.5⁰c – 38.8⁰c. I’ve used it for 2months. Yesterday it jammed and could not stop heating the eggs up to 48.8⁰c. What might be the cause ?

  2. Jan says:

    Is it a problem when i join the 2 black – and connect to the same – source

  3. GABRIEL says:

    My controller comes on but it no longer powers my heating coil
    I’ve tried connecting the ground separately and I’ve also connected it together but it’s still not working
    Please what might be the problem

    1. Geoffrey says:

      I have a 12v XH-W-3001. My goal is to prevent the fresh water tank in my RV from freezing in the winter. Currently, it’s summer here and the temp is 23 deg C. I have installed two 25W 12v heating pads on the bottom of the tank and attached the sensor to the outside of the tank below the water line. The ground wires for the input power and output heating pads are connected to a common ground. The power source is a 100 Ah 12v deep cycle battery, the unit’s display works, and the heaters are connected to the yellow output wire. My plan is to set the start temp at 5 deg C and stop temp at 9 deg C.

      To test the system, I set the start temp at 26 deg C and stop at 30 deg C. Oddly, the relay comes on and there is 12vDC at the yellow output wire even though the cuurrent sensor temp is 23 , which is well below the test start temp of 26.

      Does anyone have suggestions on what might be wrong with my wiring or logic?

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